Mass media advertising

Hinge that squeaks gets its grease.
Attention is the new social currency. One who gets more of it gets things done.

MAC’s original thinking makes clients earn more of this new currency.
These original ideas help build brands and grow sales.

Mass Media Advertising – a potent tool – is leveraged to the fullest.
Be it press ads or TVCs, MAC has done it all in this space.
And with so many Media Media Advertising options, it takes experience to pick what can get the job done. MAC has it in abundance.

Write to to know more of Mass Media Advertising and how it can be used to your brand’s growth.


Trade Shows

B2B communications is a nuanced domain.
The buyer is often well-aware of the offerings and their capabilities.
Add institutional selling to this awareness; welcome to B2B communications.

Thanks to its parent – the prestigious Amalgamations Group – MAC has planned and executed an enviable number of trade shows.

MAC’s unique flavours come from its fresh thoughts  – every time – to meet trade-show needs of clients.
MAC’s services don’t just stop with original thoughts. It actually starts from there.
MAC can conceptualize the road-show, design collaterals & stall designs, print and bring in facilitators to catalyse trade-queries.

Above all, MAC specialises in rendering a campaigned approach across events of each client.
Mail to to get B2B attention in full for your brand!


Events / experientials

Events are narratives extended and played in an active mode.
Brands achieve physical status through innovative events.

MAC does avid planning and implements events.
Each event it does aims to be a game-changer for client’s business.

MAC has resident planning and executing talent.
Having such talent in-house only means more options with concepts, faster turnarounds and complete accountability of experientials.
Send in your needs to and MAC will take up your brand’s experiential needs.


Rural connect

“Urban markets are already done with. Rural is the way to go!”
Businesses with this slant of mind need expertise in rural markets.
And this expertise is not merely of the geography. But, is also of how these markets work.

MAC’s rich experience in rural markets is an added plus for rural-bound brands.
Services for the rural-bound covers a wide spectrum; right from Research to Mass Media advertising and rural events.

MAC’s last-mile networks help in reaching remote rural corners with relative ease.
Reach out to to know more of MAC’s rural offerings and the benefits accrued to brands.


Digital marketing

In this borderless world, the limits are only in our minds!
Branding has done a full circle; dominance of the digital domain is a classic proof.
The way this world consumes information has unrecognizably changed. And this change is here; to only stay for long.

MAC rides the digital wave.
Visit the blog MAC writes, the facebook page (like it only if you truly do so) and twitter posts.
MAC’s commitment for digital format of branding and – above all – communications gets visible there.
And it’s quite natural to wish the same done for one’s own brand.
Deter not. Write to to embrace digital-hood.

Asset 14


Home is for the lost ones. Life is on outside one’s space.
The outdoors just turned spicy – and we’re certainly not talking about billboards here!
Explore the great outdoors and potential they hold to let brands reach potential.
Sky is truly the limit. But how to paint this town red with a crayon?
MAC will tell how!
Seek exciting Out-of-home solutions for your brand through
Let the outdoors come calling!

Asset 3

Media planning and buying

Every penny counts; each CC matters. Period!
Space is cash in print (pun unintended). Over electronic media – it’s time.
Summing up- Attention is where the real bucks truly are!

MAC has 63+ years’ experience in this…and still counting!
Media planning & buying team here sits on INS alliances and networks.
MAC unabashedly lets clients stand on its shoulders.
Be it negotiating the best rates and getting most-desired spots – MAC does it all. And is on song!
Sing along; mail and reap rich media-side benefits for your brands.



Why are people buying brand A?
At what price point can we penetrate SEC A towns?
Will there be takers for my new gizmo?
Whose behaviour can be changed first and how; plus, where to find them?

MAC is often to work on such exciting questions (the tale of how MAC gets answers is strictly not for the weak-hearted!)

As part of its cultural imprint, MAC likes to be challenged and this domain is all about that.

Brands get their quintessential basics answered employing MAC’s research expertise.
Insights gather not only answer queries but also show the way out.
Light your path forward. Mail



Research no doubt gets you the answers.
But, who gets the results?
MAC’s consulting expertise can support you in getting desired results.

Be it development of strategy and executing it with focus- MAC has the needful resources.
MAC’s consulting group believes every problem exists only to get rightful solution(s).
Share your business challenges and problems with this group. You now have a think-tank and strategy execution arm working at such challenges. Mail for details.


Direct Marketing

How to get messages sent without adding to the already-deafening clutter?
And how to enhance chances of triggering desired actions?

MAC’s direct marketing stream shows the way.
This is strictly for grabbing exclusive attention.

The vintage mail-way of reaching out doesn’t seem to go out of fashion.
So post a note to and get more on this stream. 



Healthcare is a high growth sector. But the growth does come with inherent challenges.
Your healthcare enterprise (hospital, diagnostic centre, health education service provider, pharmaceutical company, etc) is facing a challenge or trying resolve an issue w.r.t revenues, costs or processes? Check out on MACH-Health.

MAC’s healthcare team has 75+ man-years’ experience in turnarounds of healthcare enterprises.
Reach out to for more details.